We make sales teams better by helping inside sales reps start faster, produce results sooner, and become prospecting "rock stars".

There isn’t enough time in the day to give every new inside sales rep the mentoring they likely need to be successful. What if nearly everyone could be automatically mentored in the blueprint to outbound prospecting success? That’s what Ceqoo does. With the keys to success, inside sales reps will feel comfortable and motivated to take action, without hesitation or compromise. More outbound contacts will ultimately translate to more prospects, and more qualified opportunities.


Self-Directed Training

Our self-directed and adaptive training tool is baked right into your normal prospecting workflow. Ceqoo puts training wheels on the sales development process to help new inside sales reps start sooner and produce faster.

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Automated Mentoring

We mentor sales reps to reach your performance expectations and then excel beyond them. Automatically surface areas to employ sales tactics and give sales managers powerful analytics to target coaching where it’s needed most.

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Motivate and inspire your inside sales teams to qualify pipelines and take action now so they can show results sooner. Sales managers can set quotas for their teams while getting constant visibility into their progress and results.


  • Annie
  • Meghan
I use Ceqoo to help me find more context about contacts in my network. It helps me quickly and easily find common interests and conversation topics for people I want to reach out to.

Annie Au / Spectrum 28 Venture Capital
As an executive, I can’t spend too much time communicating process and methodology to my inside sales team. Ceqoo makes the experience of on-boarding fast and easy.

Meghan Larson / Adistry



Domenic Merenda, CEO

Domenic was an early Google employee who helped shape the direction of the Python programming language. After a number of successful exits, he is an investor with Sand Hill Angels.


Jason Hart, CMO

Jason is a lifelong technologist, market visionary, and digital marketing mad scientist who is passionate about turning big data into big dollars for clients such as IBM, NCR, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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